New Books – November 2011

Here are some of the best new books added in November:

The Marvellous Mischief and Mayhem of the Monkey and the Mouse by Kev Brett

A collection of the comic strip The Monkey and the Mouse

Told Fables by Ole Label

Join Captain Soggy Bottoms, Tits Calhoon, Will, Devin and many other hilarious characters in Told Fables. A mixed up messed up Comic magazine comprised of different artists and writers creating short comics for all to love.

The Specialists Issue 1 by Synchronicity Media

In an alternate history WWII, the Nazis use occult forces and eugenics to develop superhuman √úbermenschen. The Allies harness the power of the atom to create supermen of their own.

The Tell by Chris Kawagiwa

A traveling Inventor is rescued from attacking bandits by a mysterious Ringmaster. He’s given refuge within the magical Circus, but the longer he stays, the more he realizes there may be something more sinister afoot behind the striped curtain…

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