New Books – October 2011

The Illustrated section has been consistently receiving some great new additions. I’ve decided to start a new series here on this blog in order to feature the best new books from each month.

So to start things off, check out some of these highlights from October:

The Horde by Bad Cat Comics

Imagine if the A-Team was asked to take part in a Super Soldier Serum experiment, but instead of turning out like Captain America, the serum they were given is slowly rewriting their DNA and turning them into Monsters. Think UNIV! ERSAL SOLDIER meets ALIENS.

Illustrator Income Survey by Charles Hively

The first of it’s kind: An international review of illustrator’s income. Countries include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, as well as parts of Europe and Asia. Easy-to-read charts and graphs show total income broken down by source, age group and gender.

BOO!: Spooky Tales for Kids by Denver Wagner

A monster preparing for retirement. A 10-year-old mad scientist. A spirit fox. These are just a few of the characters you will meet in “BOO!: Spooky Tales for Kids”. Twelve artists from around the world have come together to produce this anthology of original spooky comic tales.

Julioh, a Visual Trip by Luis Prado

Julioh is a unique visual story about a young man obsessed with getting a job in advertising. Determined to make it big, Julioh will stop at nothing, trading a small town in Argentina, for Nueva York, the city of dreams.

My Sister the Freak Volume 1 by Dani Jones

Read the entire My Sister the Freak story so far in one book which collects all four chapters of the first volume.

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