The First Two Weeks

Ok, it’s been two weeks since The Illustrated Section launched. How’s it going so far?

First, the amount of books in the store has already doubled. The site started with about 40-50 books, and we now have over 90, with MORE sitting in my inbox waiting to go up. Book submissions have been coming in on a steady basis. There’s definitely a lot of artist excitement about digital distribution.

Second, the QUALITY of the work being submitted is simply ASTOUNDING! Typically, self-published collections have their fair share of mediocre, but I am honestly shocked to see so much great work coming in.

In case you missed it, I listed a few of my store favorites in a previous blog post. Since that went up, I’ve gotten a few more gems that could have easily fit in that list. For instance,

Seriously, I think mediocre is the EXCEPTION, not the rule, when it comes to the content being submitted so far. I could go on and on and list every product in the store. I hope you guys are digging through the site and seeing everything that’s available, because you should.

Making News

Thanks to everyone who has promoted and talked about The Illustrated Section and helped get the site launch moving. We got some pretty cool mentions during our first couple weeks:

    The illustration blog Drawn made some kind words about the site.

    Comic writer Warren Ellis gave us a shout out. Thanks Warren!

    We got a small mention on the Robot 6 blog at Comic Book Resources.

    A nice plug by Marvel artist Skottie Young.

    LOTS of retweets and comments on Twitter. Like, hundreds.

Some numbers:

As of today, there are 94 books available in the store, with more waiting to be added.

There are 44 contributors, a vast majority of those being individual indie artists.

We have 166 followers on Twitter and 84 fans on Facebook. Let’s get some more!

The books have over 900 downloads so far (including the free downloads), which means we’ll probably hit 1000 before the end of the week. To celebrate, I’m going to hold a giveaway:


UPDATE: We’ve reached 1000 and the winner has been notified. Thanks everyone. Let’s move forward to 2000 and beyond!


The person with our 1000th download will receive a $20 coupon to use on the site.


    1. You must have a site account (which you need anyway to download from the store) with a valid email address, since you must be able to claim the prize by email.

    2. No duplicate downloads. (i.e. Don’t download the same free books over and over again to try to win.)


How can you support The Illustrated Section?

– Spread the word! I’ve been linking and emailing and plugging the site just about EVERYWHERE, but I can tout and plug all I want; it is YOU who creates the real buzz about the site. Share/review books, spread links, and let your favorite communities and artist friends know about The Illustrated Section.

– Download books! Every book download helps to support the artists and creators behind them. And also, if you enjoyed one of the FREE samples, be sure to check out the artist’s other work.

– Leave a review. If you especially enjoyed a book, rate and review the product on the site so other site visitors know about it.

A big THANK YOU to all the artists who have contributed, all the fans who have linked and talked about the site, and the customers who have bought books and helped support the wonderful creators.

Here’s to the next few weeks!

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