How to Read PDF Files on the iPad

The digital comics and books sold in The Illustrated Section are in one single format – PDF. I chose this format because it is widely accessible to a large number of devices and applications. You can keep and collect the books you buy here with just about any ebook collection you already have.

For example, did you know PDF files can be read directly in iBooks on your iPad? Yep, they can. Here’s how:

(Note that these instructions are pretty much the same for iPhones and iPod Touches as well.)

First, get your PDF file. If you are downloading a purchase from The Illustrated Section, the page looks like this:

And when you click the Download button, the PDF opens in the Safari browser. This happens for any PDF file you navigate to on the internet, from any site. It looks like this:

Up at the top of the screen there are several buttons (if you don’t see them, tap the screen once). One of them says “Open in iBooks”. Tap on it to copy your PDF straight into iBooks! It’s that easy.

If iBooks isn’t your PDF reader app of choice, there should be at least one other button up there that says “Open in…”. This button lists other apps that can read PDFs. Tap it to open your file in your reader of choice.

You can also receive PDF files over email. Just open the attachment in your iPad’s mail app, and the same “Open in…” buttons should appear at the top.

If you are not on your iPad and the PDF is on your desktop computer, you can sync PDFs through iTunes. They are organized through the Books section. Click and drag your file into this section. The next time you plug in your iPad into your computer, it will sync according to the settings you have set up for books on your iPad.

PDFs in iBooks

Once you have your PDFs in iBooks, the app automatically creates a PDF “collection” which can be accessed at the top of the screen. This separates out the PDFs from ebook purchases from the iBooks Store. You can also make and rearrange your own collections to help keep your books organized.

Other great PDF-reading iPad apps:

GoodReader – A solid PDF reader and file manager.

ComicZeal – A good app if you already have a lot of comics in .cbz format as well.

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